Armour Stones

Velde Hausvik outside Lyngdal supply stone for coastal and port security projects and installations in and around the North Sea. Our coastal rock is used in large offshore wind farms such as Horns Rev 2, Hvide Sande, Rødesand and Thyborøn.

We have frequent arrivals of boats heading to Denmark, Germany, The Netherlands and England. Velde opted Lindland Maskin as subcontractor in this facility. Our stone has a shape and quality that make it well suited to this type of assignment , with fraction size from 30 mm to 6 tons per stone. Lyngdal is located south of Norway, 58 7 , 59N -7 , 59E, and we have good port facilities for loading ships within 8m depth. With a short sailing route to the continent and efficient logistics, our customers gets lower freight rates than with other options.

Please contact us for technical specifications. We produce according to Standard EN 13383 to 1.2. Contact Ole Bernhard Eriksen on (+47) 932 59 302.




Manager Ole Bernhard Eriksen

(+47) 932 59 330