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The Velde cooperation operates within quarries with a large selection of rock materials, landfill, a selection of transportation and sweeping services, asphalt production and paving, ready-mix concrete and concrete blocks. In addition to supplying products and services to North Jæren, we offer asphalt paving on Haugalandet and nationwide floor casting through Velde Olsen Gulv. Velde Hausvik outside Lyngdal supply armour stone for coastal and port security projects and installations in and around the North Sea.

Our plant at Sviland is under constant expansion and today crushing plants, concrete and asphalt production and recycling plants are co-localized. This provides a very short journey between commodities and results in efficient and environmentally friendly production.

In 2018, Velde has 250 dedicated employees and the annual turnover is 500 million NOK.


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Noredalsveien 294
4308 Sandnes

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Concrete with 100% recycled aggregates